Here are some kind words about Rabbi Ron’s presentations:

We were blessed with a wonderful presentation by Rabbi Ron Isaacs on the topic “Do Jews Believe in an Afterlife.” Rabbi Isaacs immediately began with questions to the participants, engaging them and creating a safe space for personal expression. He then deftly moved through our tradition, presenting some of the different positions through key texts – providing information and historical perspective without overwhelming. There was a wonderful balance between presentation and audience participation. The clear sign of Rabbi Isaacs’ successful teaching was that it even held the attention of our Hebrew School students and encouraged them to ask appropriate and thoughtful questions. We couldn’t have been more satisfied. Rabbi Charles S. Popky, White Meadow Lake Temple

We so enjoyed your talk today at Congregation B’nai Israel. Your delivery was spirited knowledgeable, humorous and participatory. The audience appreciated the “little known facts” you shared about Kashrut and the spiritual and moral components of acquiring, eating, blessing and sharing our food with others. Is was an enlightening and engaging program. Kol Hakavod! Dr. Yona Shulman, Adult Education Co-Chair, Cong. B’nai Israel

Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael invited Rabbi Ron to teach a four-part series on Jewish spirituality. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and are asking for more. I highly recommend Rabbi Ron for your congregation. He is engaging and knowledgeable. Faith Racusin, Adult Eduction Chair, Temple Beth Ahm Israel.

Thank you very, very much for your extremely successful visit with Temple Shir Shalom. Through our careful discussions in advance and through your own wonderful intuition on the spot, you “sized up” the congregation just right and you presented at just the perfect level for us. Your good natured insight and erudition moved us along the path we have been trying to walk, toward a better appreciation of the beauty and challenge of Jewish prayer.

I am particularly appreciative of your ability to speak directly to children and adults in the same gathering. I am quite sure that our children did not feel baffled nor our adults bored, and that is a rare talent. I have received many compliments about your visit, which I echo, because I learned things for myself, too. Rabbi Michael Joseph, Temple Shir Shalom

Your Shabbaton with us last weekend was a HUGE SUCCESS! You gave us approaches and techniques on “Entering the Bible,” you gave us ways of “Talking to God” from a contemporary perspective, and you provided us with a log of ways in which we can “fix” the community around us by doing deeds of lovingkindness. All of these were excellent and evoked glowing responses from our congregants – but the third one “surpassed them all”: you gave us such a good blueprint of things we can do individually and through the Temple which will enrich our own lives while helping others. I hope we will all follow through on these ideas of yours, for we will surely be the better for it. Thank you so much for sharing with us your warmth, your kindly manner, your excellent presentations and materials, and your time. Alice Goldfarb & Marilyn Kaback, Adult Ed. Chairs, Temple Beth-El Makor Chayim

Everyone is still talking about what a wonderful weekend it was. You related so well to all the attendees. To have a total of around 120 people attending at least one event was a wonderful turnout for our weekend. Your topics were timely and appreciated by all. Thanks for all the learning you made possible. Mark & Joanne Larson, Adult Education Chairs, Dallas TX