The Jewish Information Source Book: A Dictionary and Almanac: A dictionary of major Jewish terms and concepts as well as a modern Jewish almanac. (Jason Aronson)

Glossary of Jewish Life: A comprehensive dictionary of words, concepts and values that provides access to the world of Jewish history and knowledge. (Jason Aronson)

Ask the Rabbi: The Why, How, Where and What of Being Jewish: Direct answers to questions on a variety of topics. (Jossey Bass)

Questions Christians Ask the Rabbi:  Answers to questions asked by Christians about Judaism. (Ktav Publishers)

Essential Judaism in a Nutshell:  Words, terms, dates and key vocabulary and concepts related to Judaism. (Ktav Publishers)

Why Hebrew Goes from Right to Left: 201 Things You Never Knew About Judaism. (Ktav Publishers)

Can You Believe It: Amazing Jewish Facts and Curiosities. Unusual facts about a variety of Jewish topics. (Rowman and Littlefield)

The Jewish Book of Numbers:  Fascinating facts about numbers and their influence in Jewish life and thought. (Jason Aronson)


How-to Handbook for Jewish Living, Volume I: A manual for how to do 75 Jewish things. (e.g., blowing a shofar, lifting a Torah) (Ktav Publishers)

How-to Handbook for Jewish Living, Volume 2: More about how to do Jewish things. (Ktav Publishers)

How-To Handbook for Jewish Living, Volume 3:  More instructions on how to do Jewish things. (Ktav Publishers)

The Complete How-To Handbook for Jewish Living:  Three-volume set of how do Jewish things. (Ktav Publishers)


Sacred Moments: Tales of the Jewish Life Cycle: Stories about events in the life cycle of a Jew. (Jason Aronson)

Beginnings: Raising a Jewish Child Early Years: A manual for expectant parents containing information about life cycle events, choosing a religious school, teaching children civic responsibility, etc.  (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)

Reaching for Sinai: How-to Handbook for Celebrating a Meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah: A manual to help a family prepare spiritually for their child’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah. (Ktav Publishers)

Doing Mitzvot: Mitzvah Projects for Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Guide and study material 13 mitzvah projects for pre Bar and Bat Mitzvah students. (Ktav Publishers)

Rediscovering Judaism: Bar and Bat Mitzvah for Adults: A Course of Study: A curriculum for adult Bar and Bat Mitzvah students, including both cognitive and informational material as well as mitzvah projects and spiritual options for adults.  (Ktav Publishers)

The Bride and Grooms Handbook: A manual for engaged couples to help them prepare for their Jewish wedding. (Behrman House)

Loving Companions: Our Jewish Wedding Album: A fill-in volume to encourage communication and to archive memories of this memorable event. Book also contains explanations of wedding customs, passages from bible and midrash about marriage and illustrations from Jewish art and literature. (Jason Aronson)

Chain of Life: A Curricular Guide: A curriculum for teaching children about the Jewish way of death and dying. (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education)

Jewish Mourner’s Handbook: A manual for the bereaved to help them through a difficult time. (Ktav)

Every Person’s Guide to Death and Dying:  A guide to the Jewish laws and customs related to death and dying. (Jason Aronson)

The Ethical Will of Ron Lever: A sample ethical will and the lessons that it teaches.

Gates of Heaven: A Handbook for Unveilings and Visiting the Cemetery.  A small DIY manual for conducting unveiling ceremonies and cemetery visits.  (Ktav Publishers)

Rites of Passage: Guide to the Jewish Life Cycle: A life cycle book for high-schoolers, families or in an adult education setting. (Ktav Publishers)


Shma Kolaynu: A High Holy Day Youth Machzor:  A prayer book for a teen or family services on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.  Leader’s Guide and accompanying cassette tape also available. (Ktav Publishers)

Shir Chadash: A sabbath and festival prayer book for family services or learners’ minyans. Leader’s Guide and accompanying cassette tape also available. (Ktav Publishers)

Siddur Lev Hadash:  A prayerbook for family and children’s services. (Ktav Publishers)

Siddur Kabbalat Shabbat:  A Friday evening full transliterated siddur with original kavanot and meditations. (Ktav Publishers)

Siddur Or Shalom for Shabbat and Festivals. (Ktav Publishers)

Lively Student Prayer Services: A Handbook of Teaching Strategies: Experiential activities to engage learners in Jewish prayer. (Ktav Publishers)

Madrich LeGabbai: A Gabbai’s How-to Manual:  A manual gabbaim in synagogue settings. (Ktav)

Every Person’s Guide to Jewish Prayer: An introductory guide to the prayerbook and its prayers. (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to Jewish Blessings  Everything one needs to know about the nature of berachot. (Ktav)

Count Your Blessings: 100 a Day:  A book of the essential daily Jewish blessings.(Ktav Publishers)

Refuah Shlayma: A Healing Service (DVD): A service for those in need of healing.  (Ohr Tikvah Healing Center)

Talking to God and Really Meaning It: How Prayer Works in our Lives (DVD). (Ohr Tikvah Healing Center)

Kos Tanchumim: A Service of Comfort.  Prayerbook  for Mincha and Maariv services and shiva minyans. (Ktav Publishers)


The Discovery Haggada: Experiential haggada that can be used in schools for model seders as well as for home celebration. (Ktav Publishers)

The Family and Frog Haggadah: Family-friendly haggadah with songs and activities for family members of all ages. (Behrman House)

Seder in Motion: A Haggadah to Move Body and Soul: (co-authored with Dr. Leora Isaacs). Family-friendly Haggadah that engages all five senses and weaves in activities to promote a full-body connection to the Passover story and rituals. Perfect for all ages and learning styles!


Sacred Seasons:  Jewish holiday legends and stories (Jason Aronson)

Sacred Celebrations: A Jewish Holiday Handbook: A manual for families or that can be used in adult education to teach the celebration of Jewish holidays in the synagogue and in the home.  (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to Shabbat:  A user friendly guide to celebrating the Jewish Sabbath. (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to the High Holy Days: A user friendly guide to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah:  A user frtiendly guide to the festivals of Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to Hanukkah:  An overview of the festival of Hanukkah. (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to Purim:  A user friendly guide to the festival of Purim. (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to Passover:   A user friendly guide to Passover. (Jason Aronson).

Every Person’s Guide to Shavuot:  A user friendly guide to the festival of Shavuot. (Jason Aronson)

Gleanings: Four Shavuot Scripts: Four original cantatas that can be used for confirmation services on Shavuot. Includes some original music. (LeeRon Publishers)


Unpacking the Torah: (Ktav Publishers)

Sidra Reflections: Guide to Sidrot and Haftarot:  Summaries of the Torah portions and Haftarot, including basic concepts, key mitzvot and notable quotations.(Ktav Publishers)

Leader’s Guide to Sidra Reflections:  A teachers/leaders guide including questions and exercises to enhance the teaching of Sidra Reflections. (Ktav Publishers)

Becoming Jewish: A handbook for Conversion: A manual for persons contemplating conversion to Judaism. (Rabbinical Assembly and Ktav Publishers)

Messengers of God: A Jewish Prophets Who’s Who: A book about the Jewish Prophets and their contributions to civilization.  (Jason Aronson)

The Bible: Where Do You Find It and What Does It Say?: An alphabetical compendium of biblical topics as presented in the rabbinic tradition. (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to Ecclesiastes and the Book of Proverbs:  An overview of issues in these two biblical Wisdom Books. (Jason Aronson)

Entering the Biblical Text: Exploring Jewish Values in the Torah:  Pathways for students to enter into the biblical text and explore contemporary issues and problems that are manifested in twelve challenging Bible stories. (Ktav Publishers)

Legends of Biblical Heroes: A Sourcebook:  Legends of 18 biblical personalities. (Jason Aronson)

Taste of Torah:Challenging Bible Stories: Bible stories for teens, including text, experiential exercises and discussion prompts. (URJ Press)

Jewish Bible Almanac:  A compendium of Bible facts.  (Jason Aronson)

Understanding the Hebrew Prophets:  An experiential guide to understanding the Jewish prophets and prophecy. (Ktav Publishers )

The Temple and Its Royalty:  The history of the Jerusalem Temple and the Kohanim and others who served as religious leaders. (Jason Aronson)

The Lively Bible Book: Novel commentaries and notable quotations for Torah portions of the week. (LeeRon Publications)

Lessons for Everyday Living:  Lessons gleaned from the Five Books of Moses. (LeeRon Publications)


Every Person’s Guide to Jewish Law:  A source book on Jewish law, its origins and applications in Jewish tradition. (Jason Aronson)

Taste of Texts: Introduction to the Talmud and Midrash:  An introduction to Jewish values as presented in the Talmud and Midrash. (UAHC Press)

Mitzvot: A Sourcebook for the 613 Commandments:  Sources and rationales for each of the 613 commandments. (Jason Aronson)


Kosher Living: It’s More than Just the Food.  How to live a proper life, the Jewish way. (Jossey Bass)

Kosher Living: It’s More than just the Food. (Augmented Edition).  (Ktav Publishers)

Critical Issues: A Book for Teenagers: Sources and discussion guide for 8th-12th graders on topics ranging from Jewish ethics to intermarriage to Jewish views on hatred (Ktav Publishers)

Derech Eretz: Pathways To An Ethical Life: A sourcebook for teenagers on issues related to Jewish ethics (United Synagogue Department of Youth)

Exploring Jewish values: A source book and discussion guide for exploring Jewish values with teens. (Ktav Publishers)

Let My People Go: An Instant Lesson on World Slavery:  A lesson plan for teaching about organizations that proactively work to free enslaved people throughout the world. (Torah Aura Publishers)

Friendship: An Instant Lesson:  A lesson plan for teaching the Jewish value of friendship. (Torah Aura Publishers)

Rodef Shalom: Pursing Peace: An Instant Lesson:  A lesson plan for teaching the Jewish value of shalom.  (Torah Aura Publishers)

Anavah: An Instant Lesson on Humility:  Lessons for teaching the middah of humility. (Torah Aura Publishers)

Tochecha: Rebuke: An Instant Lesson:  Lessons for teaching the “middah” of rebuke as seen through Jewish eyes. (Torah Aura Publishers)

Derech Eretz: An Instant Lesson:  A short lesson on the meaning of common courtesy in Jewish law and tradition. (Torah Aura Publishers)

Tikkun Olam: Fixing the World:  A short lesson on ideas for repairing and perfecting the world. (Torah Aura)

Piku’ach Nefesh: Saving a Life  A short lesson on the Jewish concept of saving a life. (Torah Aura Publishers)

Middot: Ethical Living: Jewish ethics and the role they play in a Jewish life. (Torah Aura Publishers)

Jewish Book of Etiquette:  Compilation of rules and suggestions for acceptable behavior drawn from the Bible, Talmud and Jewish law codes. (Jason Aronson)

Middot: A Stairway of Virtues.  Texts and discussion questions for middot. (Torah Aura Productions)


Close Encounters: Jewish Views of God:  Jewish views of God in the Bible, Talmud and among Jewish philosophers. (Jason Aronson)

I Believe: The Thirteen Principles of Faith: A Confirmation Textbook:  An experiential guide for teens based on Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles of Faith. (Ktav Publishers)

Many Faces of God:  A “little” book describing the Jewish view of God and its many facets. (LeeRon Publishers)

Every Person’s Guide to the Messiah. Jewish views of the Messiah throughout the ages. (Ktav)


Every Person’s Guide to Jewish Philosophy and Philosophers:  An exploration of important Jewish philosophers and their work. (Jason Aronson)


Critical Documents of Jewish History: A Sourcebook: Collection of original Jewish documents related to Israel, major streams of Judaism, world Jewish history, etc. (Jason Aronson)

Defending the Faith: Trials and Great Debates in Jewish History: Summaries of famous Jewish disputations throughout the centuries, with guides for role plays and debates. (Ktav Publishers)

Biography of Solomon Schechter (Torah Aura Productions)

Biography of Sandy Koufax (Torah Aura Productions)

Biography of Moses Maimonides (Torah Aura Productions)

Biography of the Baal Shem Tov (Torah Aura Productions)

Biography of Mordecai Kaplan (Torah Aura Productions)

Biography of Abraham Joshua Heschel (Torah Aura Productions)

Biography of Judah Touro (Torah Aura Productions)

Biography of Rashi (Torah Aura Productions)


Animals in Jewish Thought and Tradition:  A source book on the animal kingdom as seen throughout Jewish history, custom and tradition. (Jason Aronson)

Do Animals Have Souls: A Pet Lover’s Guide to Jewish Spirituality (Ktav Publishers)

Tzaar Baalei Chayim: An Instant Lesson:   A lesson plan for teaching compassion toward animals. (Torah Aura Publishers) 

The Jewish Sourcebook on the Environment and Ecology:   A treasury of wisdom from the Jewish tradition about nature and preservation.  (Jason Aronson)


Jewish Music: Its History, People and Song: Overview of Jewish music from biblical times to the present. (Jason Aronson)

Let’s Eat (coauthored with Lori Stein):  Jewish food and customs around the world. (Rowman and Littlefield)


Words for the Soul: Jewish Wisdom for Life’s Journey:  Jewish quotations and instructions on more than 100 topics. (Jason Aronson)

Jewish Traveler’s Handbook:  A guide to adding spirituality to travel. (Ktav Publishers)

Life’s Little Book of Big Jewish Advice: Four hundred sayings, listed alphabetically by topic offering Jewish wisdom on a variety of subjects. (Ktav Publishers)

Have a Good Laugh: Jewish Jokes for the Soul (Ktav Publishers)

Chords of Comfort: Unlocking Life’s Lessons of Healing Through Music: Inspirational vignettes and lessons learned about the healing power of music from the author’s experience as a bedside musician for people in hospice. (Ktav Publishers)


Divination, Magic and Healing: A Book of Jewish Folklore:   An examination of popular Jewish beliefs, customs and superstitions related to astrology, astronomy, divination, sorcery, magic, magic and healing. (Jason Aronson)

Little Book of Jewish Folklore:  What Judaism has to say about magic, folklore and superstition. (LeeRon Publishers)

Bubbe Meises: Jewish Myths, Jewish Realities. (Ktav Publishers)


Miracles: A Jewish Perspective:  Jewish views of miracles in the Bible, rabbinic literature and Jewish liturgy. (Jason Aronson)

Ascending Jacob’s Ladder: Jewish Views of Angels, Demons and Evil Spirits:   Jewish views of angels, demons and evil spirits in the Bible, rabbinic literature and Jewish liturgy. (Jason Aronson)


Judaism, Medicine and Healing: Jewish sources and information about Jewish doctors, the field of medicine and healing texts. (Jason Aronson)

Every Person’s Guide to Jewish Sexuality:  An overview of issues and information about how sex is viewed in Jewish tradition. (Jason Aronson)


Shabbat Delight: A Celebration in Stories, Songs and Games:  A multi media kit for preschoolers and families with younger children to teach shabbat customs and ceremonies. (Ktav Publishers)

Jewish Expressions: My Holiday Activity Book:An experiential workbook to teach young children about Jewish holidays and their feelings toward them. (Ktav Publishers)

The Jewish Family Game Book for the Sabbath and Festivals: A book of games for families to play on the sabbath and festivals that are both fun and edifying. (Ktav Publishers)

Reflections: A Jewish Grandparent’s Gift of Memories: A fill-in book for Jewish grandparents intended as an heirloom to complete and pass on to a grandchild. (Jason Aronson)

Farmer Kobi’s Hanukkah Match: (co authored with Karen Rostoker Gruber) (Apples and Honey Press)

I am Hanukkah: A Mindfulness Journey. (Higher Ground Books and Media)

A Fresh Start: (Whitebird Press)

I am Passover: A Mindfulness Journey. (Higher Ground Books and Media)

Prayer for the World: The Song of the Grass (Higher Ground Books and Media)

Moses and the Extra Ten (Higher Ground Books and Media)

Oscar the Octopus: A Hanukkah Tale (Higher Ground Books and Media)

Reba Loves Shabbat (Higher Ground Books and Media)


The Jewish Instructional Games Book: Seventy-five games that Jewish school teachers can use to teach and review prayers, Jewish holidays, and more. (New York Board of Jewish Education)

Jewish Family Matters: A Leader’s Guide: Manual for leading Jewish family education programs in synagogue and other settings. (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)

“Making a Synagogue into a House of Study” A synagogue model for adult education. (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)

The Ungame: Spiritual Version, Volume I: A non-competitive self-expression game to share opinions, feelings and beliefs and increase understanding of yourself and others, incorporating Jewish themes and values.


The Voices Four: Arba’ah Kolote: Liturgical folk rock album.

The Voices Four: Our Rock and Our Redeemer: Soft rock Friday night service.