On the fifth day God created the animals. Adam was given the task of naming each of the one.   When God decided to destroy the world by bringing a huge flood, Noah was instructed to take his family and two of every animal onto the ark to save the species. In Jewish law, animals have […]


During the last couple of years, I began to immerse myself in learning more about the practice of mindfulness. My interest was sparked, in part, by the idea of creating a Haggadah that combined physical movement and mindfulness exercises in order to more fully experience Passover’s message of freedom and redemption. As preparation for writing […]


I recently read an interesting article in The New York Times article entitled “Living with Sacred Spaces.”  The article featured New York City families of various faiths who set aside spaces in their homes to pray, meditate and give thanks, and included photos of their sacred spaces. Interviewees shared that these spaces had become even […]

Find Yourself a Study Buddy

Centuries ago, Rabbi Hillel taught that an ignoramus cannot be a righteous person. He presumably did not mean that ignorant people necessarily lack the desire to do good. Their deficiency rather is intellectual. Right actions require knowledge, and people lacking that knowledge will not know the proper way to behave. For this reason, Talmudic rabbis […]

Teach Us To Number Our Days

I have always believed that we should make the best of every day. One never knows when one’s last day will be.  The pandemic has made death impossible to forget. Each day when I awaken in the morning, I say thank you to the One on High for another day of the gift of life. […]

The Spice of Life: Sensing Taste and Smell

Every spring when we travel to the Poconos to spend time at our vacation home, I look forward to opening the car window as we cross the Dingmans Ferry Bridge into Pennsylvania and smelling the beautiful  scent of the pine trees.  The air has a very fresh aromatic smell because the pines are so dense […]

’til 120

From earliest times the Jewish people has paid special attention to the welfare of the aged. In many biblical passages the “elders” are the wise people, the judges of the people. We read in the Book of Leviticus 19:32 “You shall rise up before the hoary head and honor the face of the old man.” […]

Silver Linings in Stressful Times

Greetings from Dingmans Ferry PA where I have spent the last six months at our vacation home.  Many of our neighbors whose primary homes are in New York and Philadelphia also have chosen to stay up in the Poconos.  Our “retreat to the mountains” has enabled us to meet new people and  make new friends […]

A Call to Action

The shofar, the ram’s horn , has been used throughout Jewish history to signal important public events. It is the oldest surviving type of wind-instrument, mentioned frequently in the Bible, the Talmud and in post-Talmudic literature. The revelation at Mount Sinai was introduced by the sound of the shofar, causing all the Israelites to tremble.  (Exodus […]