Be Prepared!

Driving to Milford PA after Shabbat I was dazzled by an enormous bronze-colored full moon.  The moon is my most important partner in Jewish calendar matters.  This moon was literally “in my face” reminding me that we are just two weeks away from Rosh Hashanah. Since the beginning of the Jewish month of Elul (two […]

What makes a Rabbi happy?

Whenever I perform for an audience of Yiddish speakers I like to sing and play the song Yoshke on my guitar.  The song’s refrain describes how to make a rabbi happy: der rebbe haut gehasen freilach zein, trinken bronfen nit kein vine which roughly translates as “the rabbi will be happy if you never mix […]

My heart is in the East

A few days ago Leora and I visited High Point State Park, where the view at more than 1800 feet is truly magnificent. It is a spectacular panorama of rich farmland and forest, soft hills and lush valleys in three states. They say that on clear days when there is no haze you can see […]

Where Judaism and Baseball Intersect

Although it may be apocryphal, one of my favorite quotes from Solomon Schechter, the first president of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America is “Gentlemen, in order to be a success in the American rabbinate, you must be able to talk baseball.”  Baseball has always had a big place in my life. When I was […]